Weight Management and Eating Disorders

When you consider the impact of the media, increased expectations in society, our busy lifestyles it is not surprising that weight and eating disorders are affecting so many people.

Many people have issues with excessive weight and find that despite attempting every diet on earth matters simply get worse.

For others eating is in itself a problem. Our therapists will help those who have a reluctance, for whatever reason be it food phobia, body dysmorphia (such as anorexia or bulimia) or something else, to eat a varied, balanced and healthy diet.

Our therapists at Mind-matters UK we take into consideration the key factors that affect the maintenance of a healthy weight. These issues often include:
  • Confusion with so much conflicting advice
  • Lack of time to organise and coordinate an eating plan
  • A feeling of self-loathing
  • Body dysmorphia (failure to see yourself accurately)
  • Body weight as armour (your husband may prefer others not to look at you)
  • You eat, or don’t eat emotionally, relying on food to ease emotions such as fear, anger and frustration
  • Your work life affects regular eating patterns
  • Portion size is impossible to get right
  • Your history with food is complicated and you may have had an eating disorder – or still do
  • You feel an addiction to certain foods
  • You love a glass or two but can’t say no

Our therapists spend the time needed to find out where the barriers to your success lay and, working together with you we take a holistic and integrated approach for you wellbeing and success. The therapies we use include hypnotherapy, hynpo gastric band fitting, positive visualisation, addiction therapy and of course dealing with children’s food phobias.

Live your life and find freedom.