Stress & Anxiety

If you are suffering from stress you may well be exhibiting symptoms that are physical, mental and emotional. Your high levels of stress will have led to increased production of adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol... the effects of which are unpleasant and in the long term dangerous. A little stress is needed, otherwise we wouldn’t get out of bed, but unfortunately prolonged and elevated stress can be damaging. At Mind-mattersuk we address the suffering through hypnotherapy and related interventions. We have many different strategies and the best treatment will be identified during the intake discussion. Sometimes regression therapy can be used to deal with a particular cause, even if you can’t remember what that is! Other times we find that techniques to enable coping and relaxation are extremely effective. Everyone is different. We deal with all types of stress and phobia: general anxiety, phobias such as flying, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive compulsive behaviour and panic attacks. We recognise the significant themes that lead to stress, in particular, money worries, relationships, work, major events and exams.

Stress in the workplace
You may have a responsibility for staff and feel that helping them with stress could be beneficial and by helping to manage pressure in the workplace you are contributing to your duty of care. Our therapists are available to work with individuals or groups in the working environment and have aided companies in reducing the rate of absence in their workforce.

Stress in education
Stress in education is becoming epidemic. Our therapists refer to the UK’s Anxidemic as most young people are now feeling such pressure and finding stress around about exam time overbearing. Our therapist work with groups and individuals and have a track record of success in this area. Stress therapy in schools is a non invasive and fast way of supporting young people who are at points at the end of their tether.