All addictions can be treated successfully and with permanent results. There are several types of addiction and Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCD), common addictions include, alcohol, sex, drugs (including prescription drugs) and smoking.

Our most common or popular request is for help with Smoking Cessation.

Smokers often detail the distress they feel when they wake up in the early hours with heavy lungs and a feeling of self-disgust. They vow to stop but after the first coffee of the day it becomes tomorrow.

Nicotine addiction causes distress and increases anxiety associated with interviews, ventures to new places, long journeys and going out with new people is enormous.

The Mind-Matters Solution exposes that ‘lie’ After a lengthy period of research our hypnotherapists have devised a smoking cessation programme that liberates the smoker and allows them to live life without feeling that something is missing. The smoker is guided, over three sessions, to become free from nicotine dependency and all that it entails.

Best of all and this relates to all of our addiction therapies........


The three sessions need to take place within a couple of weeks and ideally should not be extended beyond a month.

This is a successful method and has yielded excellent results. It is only when you have become a non-smoker, when you can live your life totally FREE.

FREE without having to plan your fix and be able to feel confident about an addiction free future.