Regression Therapy

In regression therapy our therapists at Mind-mattersuk help to support clients whilst they heal events from the past in order to enhance the present and improve the future.

Many phobias are as a result of an event in the past as well as many issues in relationships or families.

There are a number of different types of regression including age regression and what some refer to as past life regression.

Age Regression involves a safe process whereby the client is invited to experience relaxation and guided visualisation. In some cases you will be lead back to a certain age or time.

It is used in order to gain a clearer picture of an event and can even be used to help ‘rediscover’ a lost item.

If it involves revisiting an event you will be able to re-examine the event and change your perception of it. The therapy is very safe, non-evasive and effective. Many clients report a feeling of supreme relaxation and relief following a therapeutic session.