A significant proportion of the population suffer from phobias with estimates of over 30% being citied. Phobias are often disabling and prevent people from having normal lives. It is at this stage that help is needed. The most common phobias include heights, needles, flying, spiders, confined spaces, open spaces and death. This is the tip of the iceberg as many less common phobias such as fear of balloons, choking and certain weather conditions may also cause an enormous amount of stress and impede normal life. You do not need to suffer. Phobias are treated effectively with hypnotherapy and with remarkable success. Freedom to fly, take a lift, sail through hospital appointments is at hand.

How does it work?
Most phobias have a root: hypnotherapists call this the Initial Sensitising Event (ISE) . It is during the trance stage of your therapy that the therapists will take you back to this situation, using regression and once the ISE is apparent it will be effectively dealt with.

Regression is a normal part of many therapies, it is safe, painless and oftentimes very interesting and when clients review their therapy they will often be pleased to have remembered a significant aspect of their past.