Anxiety and Self Confidence

Q Can hypnotherapy really help me with my lack of self-confidence?
A Hypnotherapy is really effective in treating self-confidence.

Q What happens in the treatment for low self-confidence?
A That really depends on your particular circumstances and what has led you to feeling so low iin confidence. For example, if it was a childhood issue and you were told that you weren’t as good as your siblings the therapist will most likely use an age regression to tackle the issue at its beginning. This is a commonly used therapy and has proven effective for many years.

Q I need to be confident in interviews. What can you do to help me?
A A hypnotherapy session will make a great deal of difference. You will be able to attend interviews and be in control. Your nerves will no longer disable you.

Q What happens when you treat lack of confidence?
A After the initial discussion the therapist will put you in a trance. You will be in control but extremely relaxed and focused on the issue. A range of therapies may then be used depending on your particular case. One type of therapy often used for lack of confidence is positive, guided visualisation.

Q I have panic attacks. What can be done?
A You can, during a therapy session, be able to identify the trigger and learn how to manage them. By doing so they go away. You’ll be sorry you waited do long.

"First of all a big big thank you for the hypnotherapy sessions. I was very aware of the planning you did for the sessions around my particular need which was much appreciated. I must admit I was dubious as I am sure many are about hypnotherapy but after the first session I had completely changed my opinion. The way it channelled into the way I wanted to feel about smoking was quite astonishing. It didn’t focus on the addiction to cigarettes I have but made me look at smoking and me smoking in a totally different way. It enabled me to picture myself as a non-smoker which I had never done before. It changed my perception of myself as a smoker to a non-smoker which was exactly what I needed to do. I can see that hypnotherapy could have such a wide range of uses and I would absolutely recommend it to people who need help of any sort."